June 30, 2020: Travel Tuesday

One thing I love to do is travel with my camera. It could be a short little day trip or a fly across the county trip. Over the last 5 years, I have gone to 26 out of the 51 states – even Hawaii!!!

Every time I travel, I bring my camera along to capture all the beauty I get to experience. For years, I wanted to start a travel photography blog but for one reason or another I didn’t start one. Well now that I have decide to focus on photography in my life, I’m going to blog about my travels! SO: Welcome to Travel Tuesday – where I’ll highlight different locations from my travels over the last few years.

Hopefully, my travels inspire you to get out there and experience new places and new views. Even with the uncertainty of the pandemic, I think we can still get out there and explore. Even if it is a little hike in the near by park. Eli (my dog) loves going hiking and we take days here there to find new trails to explore, and my camera comes along with us.

Where is my favorite place you ask? Well I really can’t say because I find something special to love about each location. But I’m partial to Denver, Colorado. I’ll never forget first time I experienced the breath taking view of the mountains. Hawaii takes second – that is something I can’t even explain with words – I’ll have to show you in pictures! But first, let’s take a look at some places around Colorado!

The first two images are from Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. This place is amazing and the rock formations all have names. The one below is Hanging Rock. I spent many hours here in awe of the formations. I have been there a total of three times over the years. And each time, I find something new to be awed by!

The next three pictures are from my drive up to Pike’s Peak. Pike’s Peak is one of the highest summits in the Rocky Mountains, with an elevation of 14,110 feet above sea level. This was an amazing experience. This trip was in March of 2016 and I remember the temperature at the top was in the 20s! I have been to Pike’s Peak twice and the other time was in July – it was 30 degrees then!

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