July 6, 2020: Beat the Heat

It is HOT! Summer is here! This weekend was peak summertime – Fourth of July! There are always fun outside things to do during the best weekend of summer! Picnics, pool time, boating, swimming, yard work, hiking, and the best Fireworks! Fireworks are my favorite summer activity next to being in or around water!

I had a family session this weekend and when I was thinking about being outside in the heat, I made sure I planned properly. In order to beat the heat no matter what you are doing, you need to keep hydration on the top of your mind. Here are a few of my tips (with the help of one of my new furry friends from my family session!) for beating the heat no matter if you are playing outside, or photographing!

  1. H2O – you need to ensure you are staying hydrated in this heat. I have a Yeti to keep my water cool. I also make sure I bring extra water and some ice along. Don’t let yourself get dehydrated – this is not fun and will cause you to feel ill.
  2. Defog Time – don’t forget to allow your camera time to defog if you are going from AC to hot, humid environment. I remember this time in Florida where I walked right out of my hotel on to the beach, excited to photograph the ocean, the birds, the people, anything beach and my lens fogged up. I had to wait while it got acclimated to the weather. So remember to give your self time to adjust from AC to heat!
  3. Sunscreen – don’t forget to wear sunscreen. I went kayaking this past weekend and I made sure I put sunscreen on my face, my arms, my back, but I didn’t even think of my legs. Well, let me tell you that was a mistake! From my knees to where my shorts hit are now bright red. I have a really silly looking legs now with the top half being bright red – I didn’t even think to put sunscreen on my legs! Now I will!!
  4. Breaks and Shade – while you are outside, take breaks by either going into your car with the AC for a few minutes while you get your hydration or find a shady area away from the intensity of the sun. During my family session this weekend, we had a nice shady, watery area to photograph in, it almost made me forget how hot it was while my feet splashed around in the stream photographing the dogs playing.
  5. Play in the water! My last tip is my favorite way to beat the heat – playing in the water, swimming, splashing, kayaking, what ever floats your boat!!! I did all three! I splashed around in the creek, I floated around on my kayak, had swim races in the pool, and finally played in the sprinkler with my little nephews!

Check out some tips from Amy Tedrow with Amy Tedrow Photography, lifestyle, brand, event, and travel photographer in the Greater-Pittsburgh area Keep clicking the link at the bottom of each post to continue through this week’s blog circle!

This guys has the best idea – a little soak in the cool water on a hot, hot day!

Floating on Raccoon Lake was a wonderful afternoon – You can’t see it yet, but the knee up was baking!!!

One thought on “July 6, 2020: Beat the Heat

  1. Great tips (and great minds thinking alike for this week’s theme)! It’s so important to stay safe and healthy in these temperatures!


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