July 14 2020: Travel Tuesday

It’s Travel Tuesday again!!!!

This week I’m sharing photos from a trip to Tacoma, Washington in November 2019. The weather was amazing! Coming from Pittsburgh where winter coats can come out in November, I ran around in jeans and a hoodie. It was great!

I did encounter some weather while winding my way through Mt Rainer, National Park. The Route was closed part way up due to thick, intense fog. I was still able to enjoy the drive and make a few stops to hike. My favorite stop was Christine Falls. The falls have two tiers and this image I took is the most famous. It is said that the falls were named by P.B. Van Trump after his daughter, Christine.

My next favorite hike was a hike through Nisqually River. I still couldn’t see Mt Rainer due to the fog but the hike was amazing, I even crossed a log bridge over the roaring river. This tree was huge and you can see the log bridge in the background.

I also took a scenic drive through Gig Harbor. I loved this town and had the most amazing caprese sandwich at The Harbor General Store. This is a must stop! I finally got to see Mt Rainer as the fog lifted. I fell in love with this view of Mt Rainer and Pugent Sound.

Thanks for traveling with me this week!

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