July 21 2020: Travel Tuesday

Welcome to Travel Tuesday! Where shall we venture to today?

Let’s go to Montgomery, Alabama! I visited Montgomery along with Birmingham, and Selma in April of 2019.

During this visit, I spent some time walking around Montgomery. It was a beautiful city with delicious food.
After eating at Wintzell’s Oyster House, were I had the best fried shrimp and bread pudding, I walked to the Capitol Building

Montgomery’s Capitol Building stood out like a vision all light up at night.

Prior to dinner, I took a stroll down to the waterfront. Hank greeted us at the entrance of the Park. The Riverfront Park was a very pretty park and it was peaceful to watch the birds and water.

During this trip, I visited multiple locations during the week, while road tripping to the next location, I stopped in Selma. I enjoy history and to stand on the Edmund Pettus Bridge where Civil Rights Activist attempted to start their march to Montgomery was surreal.

I took 90000 pictures of the bridge as I wanted one with no cars! My travel buddies were not impressed (well they were after they saw the image!!)

Thanks for traveling with me this week!

Next week we will stay within my home state of Pennsylvania with a visit to Lake Erie. Stay tuned!


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