August 11 2020: Travel Tuesday

Hi! Ready to travel with me? This week we are going to Presque Isle in Erie, Pa. This place was amazing!

Often known as Pennsylvania’s seashore, Presque Isle is a 3,200 acre State Park. The Isle is a peninsula in Lake Erie. Surprisingly, this was my first ever trip to Erie and Presque Isle (I’m from Pennsylvania and about 2 hours away!) I have heard about this amazing place but have never been until July 2020!

I tagged along with my sister on her family vacation!! The Isle has an amazing bike path that I got to explore with my two little nephews. There are also amazing beach spots where the kids had a blast swimming and digging. On the lake side of the Isle, the beaches have waves, just like at the beach. I got to teach my nephew how to jump over the wave brakes! If you go to the beach on the bay side, the water is calmer. No matter the beach you pick, the water is so clear and surprisingly warm!

There are two lighthouses on the Isle and many bird watching spots. We didn’t make it but there is a habitat that attracts bird watchers called Gull Point Nature area, it is on the “next time” list.

Presque Isle Lighthouse is a historic site and went into service July 12, 1873
Presque Isle Northpier Lighthouse
Sunset from Ainsworth Beach

If your looking for a nice park and beach, check out Presque Isle! Thanks for traveling this week!

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