Loosen Up

I love capturing natural split second in the moment moments.

I have been asked how I do it! The trick is getting relaxed. Not only do I need to be relaxed and stress free during a session but I need to get my couples (or kiddos or pets! Or whatever the subject!) to loosen up and enjoy the movements.

The first thing I tell my couples is to have fun. Having fun and even being silly will put you more at ease and even make you forget there’s a camera near. While I’ll pose or adjust limbs or clothing, I let the couples do what feels natural. I’ll tell them to laugh or say how happy they are or so something silly. Or I’ll even say something silly to get them smirking or giggling. Then I snap, snap, snap. I end up capturing a special moment in time.

In the wedding portraits below, I had asked each couple to relax and have fun. I asked the couple to sit at the fountain and just take a second to enjoy the moment of being with friends and family on their special day.

Enjoying the moment at Point State Park, Pittsburgh, PA

This couple was so fun to photograph. In this moment, we were all laughing at our attempt at the “dip” pose. At one point, I said something silly and this is the moment I captured. I love this natural, radiant look.

Happily Ever After – Beaver County Courthouse, Beaver, PA

Now, with kids, my favorite way to capture their endearing moments is to not really pose them or force them to smile ( we all know those silly cheese faces). I just let kids do their thing while clicking away at the shutter button. Or I’ll ask them to do me a favor or ask them to tell me about their favorite things. I find this to be less stress full for everyone and when everyone is relaxed, it’s more fun!

With this holiday portrait, my tiny friend here kept blinking or holding his head in what looked to be uncomfortable in an attempt to “pose and smile nice”. I told him to just hang out then I attempted to tell people him a joke while I took his picture.

Laughing at my attempt of a silly knock knock joke – Hopewell, Pa

Now for me! How do I loosen up and relax during a session? Well, the night before I make sure to clean my camera and lens, make sure all the batteries are charged, and have a few camera cards ready to go. I make sure everything is working properly – the last thing we need is to worry about equipment failures.

I also make sure to pack Young Living’s Valor Roll-On in my bag. I apply this to the back of my neck on the drive to the location to banish performance anxiety and to give me that extra boost of confidence!

Little peak into what’s in my camera bag.

Now who’s ready to have fun and make some memories!?

This post is a part of a photography blog circle featuring photographers specializing in a variety of niches. To see what the next photographer is sharing for our weekly theme, “Losen Up,” check out Michael Holl with Holl Photography, as a professional photographer, my first priority is to create a stress-free experience that you’ll enjoy as much as the photos you’ll treasure. Continue to click the link at the end of each post in the blog circle until you eventually find your way back here.

6 thoughts on “Loosen Up

  1. Ah, I didn’t know you were an essential oil lover too! Sometimes, depending on the session and how I’m feeling going in, I roll different ones a little on too!


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