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This weeks blog circle challenged us to open up and answer questions about what we do and why we do it. Since I specialize in wedding photography specifically smaller, intimate weddings, today’s blog is going to answer the top three questions that I frequently receive.

What attracted you to smaller, intimate weddings over larger ones? It really all stated when a friend asked me to photograph her brother’s wedding. I had been recently thinking about what I wanted to do with my photography and when she asked, I hesitated…..a wedding!!!??? I said yes. I was a nervous wreck but immediately fell in love after a few clicks of the camera that day. This wedding was small, family only and took place at a courthouse. I had so much fun and something about it felt right. I loved the ability to give coupleS and families memories they could cherish forever. Every wedding needs to be documented, no matter the place, size, or budget.

Pittsburgh City County Building, self uniting ceremony

What’s your favorite image to capture on a wedding day? Hmmm, well I don’t have a specific image but I do enjoy capturing the unposed, candid moments. These tend to be some of my favorites. I will usually tell the couple to do something silly or ask a silly question to get them taking or laughing. Most of the time, I keep my finger close to the shutter button and just snap, snap, snap away. This is when I tend to capture sweet moments.

Small, family only reception at Eddie Merlots downtown Pittsburgh, Pa

What’s your favorite part of the wedding day? I want to say the whole day because as I mentioned above, I enjoy capturing those candid moment no one plans or poses for. But, if I had to pick a specific part of the day, it would be the moment right after the ceremony. You can see and feel some of the stress of planning melt away and the sheer joy and excitement that says “Yay, we did it!” or “This is the happiest day ever!”. The look on the couples faces will say it all and I get so excited to capture that moment for them.

Elopement at Point State Park, Pittsburgh, Pa

Getting married, having a small ceremony, or eloping? Let’s chat! I would love to capture memories of your special day. If you would like to schedule for your special day, click here or call me at (412) 498-6429.

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