Photos Everyone Needs

Everyone needs photos! Photos help us capture moments in time. Photos help us remember those moments in time. Photos even help us to connect to the past. Think of how neat it is when you see a photo from yesteryear. When I see photos of times gone by, I try to image the moment, image what it must have been like on that day, in that moment.

The importance of having photos that capture special moments is why I choose to photograph weddings. I specialize in small, intimate weddings. I enjoy being able to capture all the special moments at courthouse weddings, small outdoor weddings, elopements in parks and more. I think that every couple, no matter how large, small, short or long their wedding is, needs to have beautiful images of their special day.

Beautiful ceremony at Point State Park

Pictures even help us capture the image of loved ones. I have very few pictures of my grandparents. I have this one, pictured below, that I took when I was young (I guess under 10). It isn’t the best picture and I took it with my Mickey Mouse 100mm film camera, but to me, it takes be back to that moment when I wanted to capture my gram with her beautiful doll. It was a gift to her from my mother who restored the doll. I also had to have my doll in the picture! While I don’t remember this moment on a daily basis, I remember it when I look at this image. If I didn’t have this image of my Gram, I wouldn’t have any at all.

My Gram and our dolls!

Not having photos or portraits of my grandparents, my parents, and my in-laws is what drives me to capture portraits for you. I think everyone should, at the very least, have portraits of themselves and their family. And I don’t just mean a quick selfie you took on your phone, I mean a true printed family portrait.

How neat would it be to have a portrait of your grandparents that you could cherish for a lifetime and even pass on through generations. How neat would it be, as an adult, to have a portrait of you with your parents. Think about what kind of memories you could remember when you see that portrait. You will actually remember more than just that moment, you will remember all the fun times and maybe not so fun times. But seeing that image of a loved one, will bring you memories you don’t think of on a daily basis. As I write this, I’m remembering sleeping over at my Gram’s with my sister and we would wear her dresses and high heel shoes and serve her “tea”. This then prompted another memory of my other Grandmother and her baked goods….she made the most amazing treats!!!!

Not having photos, candid or formal, of my grandparents and parents prompted me to design a speciality session. I think that everyone needs printed portraits that they can cherish. This speciality session is called “Forever Young”, featuring vintage couples (or singles!). These sessions will create beautiful portraits for the couple and their families. Everyone needs photos of themselves and their families no matter their ages!

We always see images of babies and children but we rarely see images of our grandparents or parents. I want to change that and bring photos to everyone of all vintages! 🙂

To kick off my Forever Young sessions, I’m holding a contest to capture that first vintage couple! You can nominate a deserving vintage couple (parents, grandparents, friends, etc) now through October 2, 2020. The selected couple will receive a one hour photo session on the amazing vintage couch (pictured below) as well as a photo block that displays 10-5×7 images, valued at $350!

And the nominator will also receive a one hour photo session that includes a mini photo album, valued at $250!!!!!

Click here to nominate that amazing couple today: Nomination Form

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