Faceless Portraits

This week’s blog circle post is about faceless portraits. Faceless portraits end up being some of my favorite images that I capture at a wedding or a portrait session.

What the heck is a faceless portrait?! For me faceless portraits, are a way to capture intricate details of a wedding dress, flowers, or rings. I also enjoy capturing faceless portraits at sessions to bring about a different perspective in the moment.

Faceless portraits are a way to capture details or moments that evoke memories or reminders of the little things that get missed or forgotten about in the moment. These type of portraits are also a great way way to capture an heirloom piece or an important item in someones life. Having a faceless portrait that showcases something precious or priceless can be a way to showcase both the subject in the portrait and the treasured item. Some even bring about additional emotions. I even find that faceless portraits allow viewers to put themselves in the moment and develop their own thought or memory.

Faceless portraits can be a fun way to capture a different perspective for a selfie for those that are camera shy! I do this all the time, especially when they involve my best buddy, Eli. I enjoy capturing different moments in our adventures and this is a fun way to capture our days together.

Now, let’s look at some of my favorite faceless portraits and the stories behind them.

This bride’s portrait showcases her bouquet showcases and the picture of her twin sister. I made sure to capture this detail as the bride’s sister is no longer with us and I knew this would be a special portrait for the bride to have in her collection. Although you don’t see her face, can you feel yourself in the happy, exciting moment of getting married to her best friend?

This portrait captures a family heirloom passed down through generations during first holy communion. Without even seeing his face, can you image him grinning, happy to show off a special gift or do you image him giving me the “are we done yet” look?

Many times when capturing wedding details, the focus is always on the beautiful bride. I always make it point to capture the fine details of the handsome gentlemen too! I loved this grooms bow tie and pocket cloth. Even though you don’t see his smiling face, can you still pick up on the emotion and excitement of the day?

How cute are these paws! This is one of my faceless portraits I captured of me and my buddy, Eli, on a fall hike. He, like me, doesn’t like to look at the camera! Even though you don’t see our faces, can you still image being out in the crisp fall air?

This is me showcasing a passion of mine. In addition to being a photographer, I am also a flutist. I have been playing since I was in the fourth grade! Even though you don’t see my face, can you still feel the moment?

And one of my favorite faceless portraits wasn’t taken by me but by the vary amazing and talented Jessica Wasik of Bark & Gold Photography. She captured this priceless moment for me and I love it. If you have a pet, I highly recommend you call Jessica! Can’t you just feel this moment, do you image me grinning down at my boy? Or do you think I’m dangling delicious treats so he will sit pretty?? See, even photographers get their portraits taken! Everyone needs a portrait!

How will you get creative with faceless portraits?

As a photographer, I am passionate about capturing amazing moments for you to cherish. No matter the session, from small, intimate weddings to anniversary sessions, I want to make sure you have amazing portraits. Everyone needs portraits, even if they are faceless! Amazing portraits help you relive a moment and bring joy when you look at them.

If you are interested in a wedding, anniversary, or family session, let me know!

This post is a part of a photography blog circle featuring photographers specializing in a variety of niches. To see what the next photographer is sharing for our weekly theme, “Photos Everyone Needs” check out Michael Holl with Holl Photography, my first priority is to create a stress-free experience that you’ll enjoy as much as the photos you’ll treasure. 

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One thought on “Faceless Portraits

  1. Gah, I’m blushing over the shout out! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I absolutely adore that bride holding the bouquet. The black and white adds so much intimacy to that and I always think that hands hold so much “story” behind them.


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