Vision, creativity, insight, originality, artsy – these are all words that fall under the synonyms of imagination. I often hear that I have a “good eye” when people tell me they like my images. Do you ever wonder how some of the most amazing images come to fruition? Well, for me it is a vision or my romantic imagination.

I am constantly imaging ways to make photo sessions come to life. I fell in love with a vintage couch earlier this year and have been creating sessions that I dreamed up!! I’m so excited to see my ideas come to life.

Do you struggle with finding creative ways to take a photograph? Whether I’m taking a quick iPhone photo, capturing an amazing view while hiking, or prepping for a photo session or wedding, I always stop and take in the moment first. Then while I’m behind the lens, I move around to get different views or angles. I also think about what I’m going to do with that photo – use it online or print it, that always helps me bring out the imagination.

Let’s take a look at some of my visions!

Let’s start with weddings! When arriving at a wedding venue for the first time, I will walk around and take in the amazing location that the bride and groom chose, imagining how they will look standing in a certain space. Then once I’m behind the lens, I get into the moment and capture all the special moments.

Let’s talk about that vintage couch now! Earlier this year, I had an idea of using a vintage couch for photo sessions and even weddings. Then one day, someone posted one for sale and it came home with me!

The moment it was home, I had many ideas of what I wanted to do with it! Recently, three of my visions have come true! Can you use your imagination and see yourself or your family on this couch for a holiday photo session? I can!!!!

My lovely vintage couch – it has traveled all around with me the last few weeks!

How about using your imagination to envision an anniversary photo session with this couch? I did!! One of my missions with my photography business is creating portraits for people to cherish for years to come. While photographing a wedding, I had an idea about anniversary sessions. How often do we forget to document our milestone anniversaries? Or other milestones in our lives? My goal is to create images that document these milestones that you will print and display in your home. Are you ready to see an anniversary session come to life?

This couple is celebrating their wedding anniversary and their adorable son! I love it!!! Dream come true for my vision of this couch for an anniversary session!!!!!!

My next dream involved a bride and groom having a few of their wedding portraits on the couch, looking relaxed and happy. Well, that came true too and those pictures will be released soon! Check back !! 🙂

My third dream and passion project is something called the Forever Young sessions. These sessions will feature vintage couples on the vintage couch. My goal is to create portraits of your parents, grandparents or other favorite vintage individuals. If you look at my post about Photos Everyone Needs, I explain why I want everyone to have portraits no matter your age!

I recently held a contest where vintage couples were nominated for the first ever Forever Young Session. Today, I held that session and I am so excited to see this idea I imaged come to life. I can’t wait to tell you all about it in a future blog. But in the mean time, use your imagination and see yourself or a special vintage couple in your life on the vintage couch.

Ready to book a Forever Young session or other photo session? Click the button and I’ll set up time for us to plan your special photo session!

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