Makes Me Smile

What makes you smile?

Do you smile when you think about a past event? Or how about thinking about a person? What about looking at a photo?

Capturing special moments makes me smile! I enjoy creating images that capture moments, events, or loved ones. To me, it is important to capture moments that you can look back at and smile!

While photographing small, intimate weddings this year, I had an idea! The idea was to capture moments of loved ones, specifically our older loved ones. In one of my previous post, Photos Everyone Needs, I talked about my passion for capturing portraits of our parents and grandparents.

Last month, I held a contest to find a vintage couple for my Forever Young session. The Forever Young sessions are aimed at capturing portraits of vintage couples. How often do we look back and realize we don’t have photos of our loved ones. I personally don’t have photos of my grandparents. Well, I do – ones I took with my 35mm camera when I was about twelve! How awesome would it be if we had portraits of our parents and grandparents to pass down through generations!!

The vintage couple for my first Forever Young session, was the most adorable couple. Their daughter nominated them for this session because they never had actual portraits of their wedding and have been married for 51 amazing years. This image makes me smile and I know their daughter is smiling as well.

I am smiling at the love these two have for each other and it pours right though this picture. I am smiling knowing that I created this beautiful portrait for this couple, their daughter, son-in-law, and grandson. How awesome is it that their grandson now has this image he can look back at when he is telling his grandchildren stories of his grandparents?

Look at this portrait and tell me it doesn’t make you smile too! You want one now too, right!?

Interested in a Forever Young session for your favorite vintage couple or yourself? Submit your interest here:

Contact Gretchen:

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2 thoughts on “Makes Me Smile

  1. I love how big they’re smiling as well! I’m sure this session meant as much to them as it did to you; what a special gift you gave them with this opportunity…waiting 51 years for photos like these!


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