Holiday Spirit

This is my favorite time of year! From all the magic of the season to the pretty light displays, and sometimes snow! I’m sharing my Holiday Spirit with you by counting down my top ten “getting into the holiday spirit” list! (there really is no particular order as I love it all!!!) If there is a year where we need holiday spirit, 2020 is it!

#Ten – Giving Tree: Each year, I enjoy participating in a giving tree that supports my community. I have so much fun selecting a child from the tree and making their wish list come true!

#Nine – Blasting Holiday Music: This year I starting playing the holiday music right after Thanksgiving – usually, I wait until December 1! My favorite music to rock out to while decorating is The Trans-Siberian Orchestra. For many years, my family would kick off the holiday season by attending the TSO concerts. They put on the most amazing shows!

My other favorite music to enjoy during the holiday is the music that I play with the West Hills Symphonic Band (I play the flute!). Each December, we put on a holiday concert. 2020 didn’t allow us to have a holiday concert but you can enjoy 2019’s Holiday Cheer with me! If you listen here, you just might hear me (well the flute section!!). Enjoy the show!

#Eight – SNOW! Not that we get much of it here in Pittsburgh during December, but I enjoy trying to capture the magic the snow brings!

#7 – Christmas Lights! Whether it is driving around and looking at everyone’s yard displays or finding a community drive though, I love the sparkle of the lights.

#6 – Making Holiday Treats: Every year for Christmas Eve dinner, I bring my family a holiday treat that I created. I don’t like to cook but I do like to bake. Each year my family is surprised – I don’t bring your typical holiday cookies. I have made anything from cupcakes, to cookie balls, to pies, and mousse! They tell me it’s good, but I think they just tell me that to be nice! 🙂

My favorite holiday cookie – peanut butter with kisses!

#5 – Decorating: Since this is my favorite holiday, I decorate every room of my house, even my bedroom. Nothing brings on the feeling of the season that decorations and Christmas trees! Yes, I even put Christmas trees in my bedroom!!

#4 – Phipps Holiday Garden: A few years back, my sister and I went to the Phipps Winter Garden show. Neither one of us had ever been to Phipps and we both enjoy working on our photography skills, and Phipps is a wonderful place do do such things. Ever since that trip, I now visit each and every December. I am looking forward to hopefully enjoying the show in January……

#3 – Spoiling the Dog: Eli, my furry bestie, LOVES to open Christmas presents. It is the cutest thing to watch (I think he just likes destroying the paper!). I actually go shopping for him, each year he gets a new bed, new toys, and treats.

In case you wanted to add Eli to your Santa list – his favorite toy is squeeky tennis balls!

#2 – Bringing Joy to Others: There is no better way to give joy to families year after year than portraits of their family! At GCiccone Photography, it is my goal to ensure families have portraits. See my post Photos Everyone Needs for my reason!

This year, I had the pleasure of capturing some holiday moments for this adorable family. I can envision mom and dad bring this photo out years from now and remembering the fun photo day!

Any my ultimate #1 favorite getting in the holiday spirit thing….adventures with my family. Nothing makes me smile more and feel the magic of the holidays than watching my nephews experience the wonders of the season. I sure hope we can continue our tradition of exploring holiday festivities in 2021!

I wish everyone a very happy and health holiday season. And there is still time to schedule family portraits. Contact me to talk about an offsite or in-home holiday session!

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