Some love the white fluff that falls from the sky and accumulates on the ground and others hate it. I LOVE IT. Well for awhile anyway and as long as I don’t have to drive in it! Getting outside and playing in the snow is fun! There are so many activities – sled ridding, tubbing, skiing, snowboarding, making snowmen, snowball fights, and more!

Another fun thing to do is to take your camera out and capture fun, snowy images. The snow can really make images pop or you can showcase the mood the weather brings.

Make sure you protect your camera if it isn’t weather sealed. There are special bags and cases you can get for your camera or you can use a zip lock bag around your camera to protect it from the snow. Another thing to remember is to allow your camera and lens to acclimate to the weather, going from warm inside to cold outside will cause your equipment to fog up so give it a few minutes before you start snapping away.

If you want to capture the flakes as they drift from above, remember to use a higher shutter speed to stop the motion. You will also want to keep you ISO lower as the bright white snow makes everything brighter!

This past weekend I spend Saturday morning with a few fellow photographers checking out a popular photography location – Hartwood Acres. While we were there, it started to snow, really big flakes! I was really excited to practice some posing and snow techniques while it was snowing!

Next time is snows, grab your pets, your kids, your friends, or family and capture some special snowy moments!

Having a winter wedding or want to capture some amazing winter moments? Contact me to set up time today!

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