From Where I Stand

I enjoy capturing moments in time – moments to remember, moments no one might notice, moments that tell a story. From where I stand, behind the lens, I find many special moments to capture. This is why I enjoy photography and documenting what I see.

During a family session, you might be frustrated by your little one not sitting still for a portrait or looking at the camera, but I see a moment to capture and cherish. A fleeting moment in time, that you will look upon and remember – remember the time when they were so little and coming into their own. These are the special moments that I see from where I stand and ones that I enjoy documenting for you and your family.

While you prepare to walk down the aisle, you may be concentrating on not tripping, or you are so excited to see the love of your life at the other end that you develop tunnel vision. From where I stand, I get to see the look on the grooms face the first time he sees his love walking towards him. I love capturing these moments as they are moments I would cherish myself and I want to make sure you have images you can look upon for years and recall each special moment of your day.

During a photo session, you might be thinking I must be taking the strangest photos because I never stop snapping even as you might not be in a “pose”. I find that I capture great shots when I continue to snap away during our sessions. From where I stand, I see you, I see the real you – not the “smile for the camera” smile or the exact perfect pose – I see the relaxed you, the you that you will love when you see the photos. Some of my favorite images have turned out to be those random moments where I kept the shutter going.

Ready for me to capture your special moment? Whether you are having a micro wedding, need engagement photos, lifestyle photos, or headshots, I’m ready to capture those special moments for you.

Contact me today to schedule a session – dates are filling fast!

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