Think Pink

Pink – It is such a pretty color.

When researching the meaning of the color pink, I found that it could be associated with the following descriptions: charm, politeness, tenderness, sweetness, femininity, and romance.

Then, as is easy to do, I ran down all the rabbit holes of the internet. I found an interesting article about the meaning of the color pink in business. Pink is said to be inspiring, calming, be associated with compassion, love, and can suggest hope for the future. When used in business, pink typically is used in the marketing of fashion, beauty, and romance. And if you use pink with darker colors, it is said to show sophistication and strength.

Did you ever notice my logo? Well, it is pink and a flamingo! I love flamingos. I think they are fascinating! Flamingos, which are pink, are said to symbolize beauty, balance, and grace as well as confidence. I also paired my logo with a darker gray which ties in the sophistication and strength.

Flamingos also symbolize achievement, charm, creativity, focus, happiness, power, simplicity, and fun!

At GCiccone Photography, I tie all of these elements together in my business. When capturing your special moments, I am sure to focus on you and your event, while adding creativity to bring you amazing images that you will cherish.

Capture of a bride’s bouquet during a marriage cermony at the Allegheny County Building in Pittsburgh, PA

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