Creative Ways to Display Photos

How do you display your photos? DO you display your photos – or do they just live in your phone or computer?

In a previous post, I talked about why I think it is important that we print our photos. Check it out here: Prints

Today, we are going to talk about creative ways to display those prints! Here are a few of my all-time favorite products that I offer at GCiccone Photography. I want to make sure you have the best products to showcase the special moments from your session.

The Folio Box

This box is gorgeous! It is made with American Walnut and gunmetal slow close hinges. The Folio Box holds up to 20 matted 5×7 images – or 8×10 images in a larger box. The inside has a soft velvet like material. With a crystal clear tempered glass front, you are able to store the additional images while displaying the one. You are able to quickly switch the front image for any of the matted images inside.

This is a great way to store and show off your amazing images.

The Frame

I love frames. I have a whole stash of different sizes, shapes, and colors. I am working on building a gallery wall in my living room. BUT, this frame is my absolute favorite of all the frames.

This particular frame is made of black acrylic with a front clear acrylic. There are four silver magnets that hold the front and back together. This allows you to quickly switch the matted prints out fast. I love how I can change out the images.

The Album Block

This is such an amazing and creative way to display photos. The block holds 10 5×7 photos. You can rotate the first image that is displayed as the mood strikes. The photos are mounted on styrene so they don’t warp over time. I love the velvety smoothness of these prints in the beautifully solid wood base.

Don’t you just love all these creative ways to display your photos? If you are interested in booking a session, contact me. Having a backyard or micro wedding, I have a few dates open for 2021, contact me now to secure your special day!

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