A Day in the Life

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Photo by Alicia Curry of Moments Created Photography

I’m Gretchen Ciccone, owner of GCiccone Photography. One year ago I officially announced that I was starting a photography business. GCiccone Photography focuses on small, intimate weddings, anniversary sessions, and Forever Young sessions. I’m so thankful to everyone that has made this journey a success so far!

I’m going to give you a little peak into what it takes to capture the special moments of my sessions.


A lead comes in, either from my website, friends, colleagues, or a phone call. For each session, I’ll talk to the client about their special day. I gather all of the details and find out what types of images they would like me to capture. Once we get the details – date, time, location – figured out, I send off the agreement and invoice. The exciting part – blocking the day on my calendar! I get so excited to be able to capture and provide memories for my clients.

About a week prior to the session, I’ll call the client to verify our timeline and gather any last minute details. This is especially important for my wedding sessions. I like to reassure the brides that I’ll help them manage their timeline so that we can capture all the moments they are envisioning for the day.

The Big Day

It’s session day! I’m nervous and excited! The night before the session, I make sure that my batteries are on the charger and the camera card is ready to go. That morning, I pack my bag – triple checking that the camera is in there! And the batteries. And the camera card! I once forgot the camera card – luckily it was a personal event!

Once I arrive at the venue, I walk around getting a feel for the location. I pick out a few spots that I think fit the vision of the session. For weddings, I check-in with the bride, capture a few getting ready photos, review our checklist of “must have” photos and then set-up my camera. For other sessions, I set up any props and then my camera.

Once the session starts, I start clicking away. I really enjoy capturing “real life” or candid type moments which means that I’m constantly walking around clicking the shutter button. Some of my favorite images have been “candid” type shots – relaxed, natural, enjoying the moment images. Once the session is over – anywhere from an hour to 8 hours later – I will have captured 30-500 images.

Behind the scene action shot captured by Alicia Curry of Moments Created Photography

After the Session

Once I get home from a session, the very first thing I do is back-up the images to my hard drive. I don’t want to risk losing those special moments! A day or so after the event, I start to review and sort the images. I make sure to select the very best images (no weird faces or closed eyes!) to process. While processing the images, I tend to smile at my favorite moments or laugh out loud at silly moments. For me, this is how I know I captured the very best moment in time. I like to make sure that the photos I deliver to clients capture that moment and feeling. To me, photographs should bring forth the emotion of that moment, recreating and letting you live that moment again.

Once all the photos are processed, I upload them to a gallery and schedule a viewing session with the clients. During this session, we review all the photos and select the ones they want for prints, albums, or other products. I enjoy this just as much as I enjoy the session! I love seeing their faces light up while viewing their photos and helping them pick the best way to showcase their favorites. Once the viewing session is over, I order the products and post the digital gallery for the clients. When the products arrive, I’ll inspect them and then delivery them to the clients.

Of course there is also all the business stuff that goes along with a business but I won’t bore you with that stuff! 🙂

Ready to book a session? I am ready to capture your special moments! Contact me for an upcoming wedding, anniversary, or Forever Young session.

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