Unexpected Beauty

Finding unique locations for photography sessions can be both fun and tough. Some times I have an idea in mind but can’t find the right location. Or I find a location that at first glance doesn’t seem like it would be great place to have a session. Those turn out to be the best locations and images.

In this week’s post, I’ll show you a few locations and the final images. Next time your photographer says “hey this is a good location” – have faith in their vision! Photographers are creative and we may see angles or compositions that other don’t. But when you see that final image, you get it!

Here is a field of weeds with a random couch sitting it it. Well, not that random, that is my vintage couch. I had a vision of a family session on this couch in this field. You might be wondering how a field can make a nice family portrait. This is where you trust the vision of the photographer!

All four of the below images were taken during Golden Hour (the time right before the sunsets) in the field. Did you image they would turn out this gorgeous?

This post is a part of a photography blog circle featuring photographers specializing in a variety of niches. To see what the next photographer is sharing for our weekly theme, “Unexpected Beauty” check out Amy Tedrow with Believe, Create, Inspire and Amy Tedrow Photography, specializing in lifestyle, commercial, branding and event photography for small business and non-profit organizations.

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