July 6, 2020: Beat the Heat

It is HOT! Summer is here! This weekend was peak summertime – Fourth of July! There are always fun outside things to do during the best weekend of summer! Picnics, pool time, boating, swimming, yard work, hiking, and the best Fireworks! Fireworks are my favorite summer activity next to being in or around water! IContinue reading “July 6, 2020: Beat the Heat”

June 30, 2020: Travel Tuesday

One thing I love to do is travel with my camera. It could be a short little day trip or a fly across the county trip. Over the last 5 years, I have gone to 26 out of the 51 states – even Hawaii!!! Every time I travel, I bring my camera along to captureContinue reading “June 30, 2020: Travel Tuesday”

June 14, 2020: Pittsburgh City County Building Wedding

When I decided to officially start my photography business, I never imaged I would have couples booking me so quickly after getting my website up and marketing started. I am beyond excited to be on this journey and capturing moments that make people so happy! Kayla and Johnathan had to alter their plans to getContinue reading “June 14, 2020: Pittsburgh City County Building Wedding”

June 10, 2020: How the journey began

I was asked the other day, what got me into photography and why do I like it so much.  I can vividly remember my first camera – it was a blue Kodak Micky Mouse 110mm camera with the flash that punched out after it was used. I remember taking pictures of everything from my dogContinue reading “June 10, 2020: How the journey began”