Photograph Green

Well – I wrote this amazing post about Green and then poof it was all gone. Ah technology!! Or maybe user error! Anyway….I could have used some green therapy when I lost my amazing words. 🙂 Let me tell you about Green. The color Green can bring about feelings of calming, peacefulness, excitement, compassion andContinue reading “Photograph Green”

August 11 2020: Travel Tuesday

Hi! Ready to travel with me? This week we are going to Presque Isle in Erie, Pa. This place was amazing! Often known as Pennsylvania’s seashore, Presque Isle is a 3,200 acre State Park. The Isle is a peninsula in Lake Erie. Surprisingly, this was my first ever trip to Erie and Presque Isle (I’mContinue reading “August 11 2020: Travel Tuesday”

July 21 2020: Travel Tuesday

Welcome to Travel Tuesday! Where shall we venture to today? Let’s go to Montgomery, Alabama! I visited Montgomery along with Birmingham, and Selma in April of 2019. During this visit, I spent some time walking around Montgomery. It was a beautiful city with delicious food. After eating at Wintzell’s Oyster House, were I had theContinue reading “July 21 2020: Travel Tuesday”

July 14 2020: Travel Tuesday

It’s Travel Tuesday again!!!! This week I’m sharing photos from a trip to Tacoma, Washington in November 2019. The weather was amazing! Coming from Pittsburgh where winter coats can come out in November, I ran around in jeans and a hoodie. It was great! I did encounter some weather while winding my way through MtContinue reading “July 14 2020: Travel Tuesday”

July 6, 2020: Beat the Heat

It is HOT! Summer is here! This weekend was peak summertime – Fourth of July! There are always fun outside things to do during the best weekend of summer! Picnics, pool time, boating, swimming, yard work, hiking, and the best Fireworks! Fireworks are my favorite summer activity next to being in or around water! IContinue reading “July 6, 2020: Beat the Heat”

June 30, 2020: Travel Tuesday

One thing I love to do is travel with my camera. It could be a short little day trip or a fly across the county trip. Over the last 5 years, I have gone to 26 out of the 51 states – even Hawaii!!! Every time I travel, I bring my camera along to captureContinue reading “June 30, 2020: Travel Tuesday”